Update for Thursday November 16,2017- The flow on the lower Savage is running at 170 cfs and the North Branch Potomac at ~400 cfs. Please check the links below for up to the hour conditions and projected flows.

Savage tailwater has been brought up to 110 cfs....about my favorite level on this river. No strong hatches, but you can find fish sipping midges, small olives and black stone flies in the soft water, as well as some caddis. Probably best to be high stick nymphing in the runs and pocket water, as well as streamers. Nymphing with small pheasant tails, prince nymphs and Zebra Midges and scuds is a good bet. 
The upper Savage River, above the reservoir is also at a good level as are all of the Brook trout streams. 

The North Branch of the Potomac below Jennings reservoir at Barnum currently at 260 cfs. A good level for wading. 

Be sure to refer to the USGS website for current flows for area streams.  Also, the NAB site will give 3 day flow projections for the lower Savage and for the lower North Branch Potomac River. Best to check the gauges and look at the chart to see if the streams are rising or dropping.

A good flow to fish the lower Savage in 50-150 cfs, upper Savage 40-125 cfs, and the N. Branch Potomac Barnum guage is 350 cfs or less for wading. Under 200 cfs is difficult for floating the N. Branch.

The following site will give three day projections for the Savage and the Potomac tailwaters.