Update for Tuesday September 17, 2019

The lower Savage is currently flowing at 50 cfs. The North Branch Potomac River is flowing at 222 cfs on the Barnum gauge & 280 cfs on the Luke gauge. 
Daily water temp on the lower Savage has ranged low to mid 60's.  The water temp range on the North Branch Potomac at Barnum has been upper 50's to low 60"s.

The weather forecast is for warm temperatures peaking in the mid 70’s.   

A reduced variety of insects are hatching on all streams.  Most major hatches are winding down on the Savage River tailwater which has been fishing  good.  Dry fly fishing has come on strong within the past six weeks. Smaller mayflies, Caddis, stone flies and midges will cover the sporadic hatches.  We are seeing an increasing number of BWO’s.  We have seen a few of the larger iso's recently.   And, ….. it's been  terrestrial time on the river.  Get out those ants, beetles, and hopper patterns!  Also, don't be shy about swinging some unweighted emerger patterns.  Wet flies don't get the attention that they used to get.  However, you may be surprised at their effectiveness!

The upper Savage flow is 5 cfs - very low and very warm.  Please give the trout a break when water temps approach the high 60's.  Mid day water temps are peaking in the mid 70's - too warm to fish.

With the closing of the Paper mill on the North Branch of the Potomac the water below the mill and Westernport has cleared..

So far this month we have seen much more normal flows than last years high water. Keep an eye on the weather and an eye on the gauges for stream level flows.  There are links below for the Savage and the Potomac Rivers.

Don’t  be caught without all you need to get on the water.  We do phone orders.  So, if you need anything give us a call.  

Good dates are still available for lodging and for guide trips! 

Be sure to refer to the USGS website for current flows for area streams.  Also, the NAB site will give 3 day flow projections for the lower Savage and for the lower North Branch Potomac River. Best to check the gauges and look at the chart to see if the streams are rising or dropping.

A good flow to fish the lower Savage in 50-150 cfs, upper Savage 40-125 cfs, and the N. Branch Potomac Barnum guage is 350 cfs or less for wading. Under 200 cfs is difficult for floating the N. Branch


The following site will give three day projections for the Savage and the Potomac tailwaters.